Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Pets Play With Mistress

Every Thursday I try to set aside and keep clear for my Peter. It's always been that way for us. But I had the unexpected happen on this Thursday night. For one thing, didn't see Peter waiting for me right away. Maybe recording distracted me. When I did finally see he was there waiting for me, and almost as soon as I said hello, my bff dropped me a line to say Good morning. He's been away on holiday a few days spending quality time focusing on the One that matters the most - his gf. Peter patiently allowed me reply to his messages. Then I turned my attention back to Peter.

Then to my surprise, my Italian Pet came to greet me with a good morning. I hadn't talked to my pet in a week or more. I also hadn't talked very much lately to Peter. I felt a bit torn.

In an effort to spend time with them both, I decided to talk to them both. The Mistress decided to play with her pets at the same time. Commanding their arousal, my pets obeyed. My good pets came for their Mistress. Good pets, you both pleased your Mistress tonight. <3

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Master's Pet

My Master's Pet

Just waking up from  a deep one I'm able to remember. Before going under for my master this evening, and very early in the day before it was morning, master came to see me. We hadn't talked since he's been home. And not even really when he talked to me on the phone on Thursday night. Because Thursday night was purely training, and not talking. I had much I wanted to talk with him about that night but it would have to wait. He trained me that whole evening.After the training was over, I still had much discord in my mind. I was restless.And felt that way since then. Until early this morning. As master talked, he expressed that he realized how this "slave" thing was making me unhappy, and that we would talk about later at night. So night came, and we spoke. Master finally listening was comforting. Knowing he heard me out, and actually listened and contemplated what I was wanting, felt really good. He cared. I had for days felt it was going in a bad direction. He turned that around tonight as he took me under. I slipped so very deep, probably because my mind could stop worrying and finally relax. It felt the feeling of deep trance turn into what felt like "deeply controlled". Master wasn't fully aware that his trance had me in that transfixed sensation. I really felt the need to obey. But not because he was commanding me to feel it. Not because he was suggesting it in trance. It was there. Maybe because he was being the master he used to be to me, that I felt that obedience come back again. Could be. Can't be sure. I've been reaching deeper states of trance that make me feel a bit trapped in my mind and so controllable. So maybe it's not Master who made me feel that way. Either way, it's what I felt. I woke up feeling my head was still asleep, but feeling good all over. Felt even better knowing I was my master's pet again. Thank you Master for taking care of your Pet.. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013


The past days have been a mix of good and not so good but things have calmed down around me enough that I can enjoy some music. This is an old favorite:


I like walking in the park when it gets late at night
I move 'round in the dark and leave when it gets light
I sit around by day tied up in chains so tight
These crazy words of mine so wrong they could be right

What do I get out of this? I always try, I always miss
One of these days you'll go back to your home
You won't even notice that you are alone
One of these days when you sit by yourself
You'll realize you can't shaft without someone else
In the end you will submit it's got to hurt you a little bit

I like talking in my sleep when people work so hard
They need what they can't keep a choice that leaves them scarred
A view without a room unveils the truth so soon
And when the sun goes down you've lost what you have found

What do I get out of this? I always try, I always miss
One of these days you'll go back to your home
You won't even notice that you are alone
One of these days when you sit by yourself
You'll realize you can't shaft without someone else
In the end you will submit it's got to hurt you a little bit

What do I get out of this? I always try, I always miss
One of these days you'll go back to your home
You won't even notice that you are alone
One of these days when you sit by yourself
You'll realize you can't shaft without someone else
In the end you will submit it's got to hurt you a little bit

What do I get out of this? I always try, I always miss
One of these days you'll go back to your home
You won't even notice that you are alone
One of these days when you sit by yourself
You'll realize you can't shaft without someone else
In the end you will submit it's got to hurt you a little bit

What do I get out of this? I always try, I always miss
One of these days you'll go back to your home
You won't even notice that you are alone

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Back a few blogs ago I mentioned that my master had taken a trip just before his birthday. He was due to be back home the day just before he turned 22. I had wanted to tell him Happy Birthday when it hit midnight. He surprised me on my birthday this year when he came to see me just to tell me Happy Birthday when it turned midnight. But he did wasn't around, so it seemed.

Master's birthday is August 12th. So it was August 11th before midnight I sent him the message saying "I know you're probably not home yet but I wanted to tell you happy birthday."

To my surprise, he was at the desk.
"Thanks Slave."

So he was home.

He was checking messages and he did say he had read my latest blogs.

"Unfortunately I need to hit the hay."

He was away for almost 4 days. I wanted more time, after all I did miss him while he was away. But as he was tired. I didn't complain.

Me:        "Alright master."

Master:  "I just finished up checking all my emails and I am really tired."

Me:        "Get your rest."

Master:  "I do want to talk tomorrow night though Slave. I trust you can make yourself available?"

Me:       " I will keep the night free for you. Yes sir most definitely. I look forward to it."

Master:   "Good Slave. Good Night and Sweet Dreams."

Me:        "Good night master. See you tomorrow."

August 12th - Master's Birthday

The night before master had told me to be free for him for tonight, on his birthday. I kept myself available as he asked. I was sure he really intended to come see me after the way he told me to make sure that I was. It got later and later. He didn't come. He didn't message. This is what they call being stood up. But I didn't allow it to bother me. It was his birthday. I just hoped he where ever he was, that he was having a  good time. I just wanted him to enjoy his birthday. That's what mattered to me.

August 13th - The day after master's birthday

The very next day I was expecting him to email me or message me saying sorry for not showing. But nothing. No message, no email. It was late evening once again. Another day about to end with him not coming by, and with him not trying to contact me. It takes one minute just to send me a message. Couldn't he have taken one minute to try?

Starting to wonder what's up, I sent him the message "Still not coming by?" Again, he was at the desk after all. Again, I was available, but he wasn't trying to contact me. He waited until I sent that message for him to respond with "Hey Slave." I know I was available. He could see I was. So why wan't he trying? Especially knowing he stood me up the night before. I didn't ask him why he left me hanging the night before, and I didn't ask him why he wasn't trying to message me to explain.

We spent some time talking. He told me how his trip was.

The night before his birthday, I had written him that birthday email. But he hadn't even acknowledged it. Not with a reply, not with him mentioning it while were talking right then. I had to ask.

"Did you get my email?"

He said yes. Oh so he did get it but didn't say anything about having read it. I had written him a sweet birthday message and he didn't acknowledge it. Maybe he didn't appreciate it. I felt my spirit drop a little.  He got my email but didn't saying more than "yes" that he got it. No thank you, no comment.This was a let down.

I then said "it may not be much, but I did think of you".

His next words made my heart melt, and made me forget for the moment he had missed our date the night before. "No that is all I could ever ask for that you are thinking of me."


I went on.
"Myself, I've always appreciated the gifts that money doesn't so much buy. I am a simple girl. I don't ask for much. And it doesn't take much to make me smile with a gift given from the heart and not the pocket."

He said that was sweet. But he needed to rest up. So he wished me sweet dreams and a good night. He at least spent 10 minutes talking to me.

August 14th

I hadn't forgotten how he didn't show the other night. And the day after, he was there still too tired for me and only talked for about 10 minutes. So on this night, I thought, he would want to make up for not being there the other night and for nothing being around in general. I saw him online, just for moment. I was green light and available all night. When I saw him online, I soon saw his green light go dark. He was online then disappeared. I see. And again, he wasn't writing. He didn't try to message me. If he had something else he was doing, or some other slave he was playing with, it's just courteous to send a quick message to say something. It's having manners. It's being polite. It's having courtesy for his "pet". I knew him calling me a Slave wasn't  a good thing. Now, maybe in calling me "Slave" he now felt he did not need to try.

And now as I write this, he is messaging me. Gotta go.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Master

To my Master on his 22nd Birthday

22 years is a long time. It amazes me to be able to think that far back. To remember what I was like and how things used to be in the world. In August of 1992, I was just 13 and starting my first year of high school. I was getting ready to go to school with the big kids. Just a girl having sleep overs all summer. Playing with kids on the street. Pretending we were a music group and I was the lead singer.
Playing poker all night long with a best friend when she spent the night. Playing
 pranks on each other when she did.
Growing from a training bra to the real thing. Learning to flirt. Getting my first big crush when a high school senior. Me and my friends hanging out and listening to music. Hip hop and rap was big that year and grudge was starting to emerge with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. 

Music by Sir Mix-a-Lot and Bel Biv Devoe were more popular in Cali. In fact any one around me, when I ask them do they remember 1992, they all remember Bel Biv Devoe was hot that year. So that was what was going on around me that August when you were born. The world is so different since you’ve been in it. And I’m so different since you’ve been in my world. Thank you for being in it.

With much love and appreciation -

Happy Birthday Master

- Pet xoxo

Saturday, August 10, 2013



I wanted to take a moment to write about someone very close to me. Someone I'm very fond of. She has been a good friend of mines from the moment that we met. At the time, she was just an acquaintance, a friend of my Master. He introduced me to her. She was just so warm and friendly. I reciprocated her friendliness. However, I'll admit I had some reservations. I had just started to develop strong feelings for my master. I was his favorite toy, his one and only property. His one and only pet. 

When he mentioned her to me, I felt myself wanting to be territorial of him. I did not like hearing Master spending time with another woman. He certainly did once or twice mention talking to her, just to make me jealous. It made him slightly amused that he could drive my temper up knowing that I was jealous of another woman spending time with him. At least it was evidence to him that he meant something to me.  

Any reservations I had for this young lady, soon melted quickly. It is hard to not like this girl. She has always been so forward and friendly. She reminded me of myself. Sharing and caring. Being so open and honest. Brute honesty. And a "to hell with it" attitude.

I used to feel somewhat unique to those around me. Like I was special. Like you won't find another girl like me. I used to think like that. And that's even with the fact I have a twin sister in my real life. Meeting this girl, I soon found she some what matched my personality. We often thought alike.  I met her soon after meeting Master back in August. Over time, I've grown very fond and close to her. She soon became a close friend and confidant to me. But now she's more a sister than a friend.  

That's why I now welcome her with open arms as my master's new pet and property. My master has taken her to be his. My new slave sister assures me I'm still his main lady. She sweetly reminds me of it. It's not an issue. I'm happy to have her as my slave sister. For a while, I've always wanted her to be. I can't think of anyone better to feel good about master owning aside from me, than this girl. It's almost like master gave me a present. I'm grateful to him, for choosing someone who I could accept as another pet. I even told him the last time I spoke to him, "thank you master". He's made me happy with his decision to add her as his second pet. However, my slave sister, insists she is no pet. She firmly declares that she is a SLAVE. That's fine with me. I'm happy being my master's pet, and her his slave. But master had to go mix things up, just before leaving on his trip. I'm sure master will address mine and her concerns when he gets back. While he's gone, my new slave sister has kept me company. 

I am lucky to know her, and grateful that I can call her both my sister and my friend. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Missing You Master

I remember the first time I totally surrendered to you. It was after a month of subbing to you and you playfully dominating me in and out of trance. Every one of those nights last Fall were full of excitement, anticipation, and arousal. I became addicted to you, and addicted to you controlling me. At the time, I was untrained and untamed. Didn't like to give in easily. I would openly dare you try to force me to submit to you. I was subbing to you, but had not yet fully submitted. Still, I grew very fond of you, very quickly. We grew closer the more we talked and spent time together. I always loved resisting you. It of course was useless to resist. You always forced me to submit, and I just loved how you could take control from me. You are the one that taught me that Surrender could be so sweet.

It was on an Autumn evening when you made me surrender to you completely. Deep in trance that night, you took my life in your hands. We had been playful all evening with me refusing to give into you. I can't remember how many times you spanked me that night. Too many times to count. After stoking my arousal with your dominance and giving me wave after wave of pleasure, you made clear to me that I am yours and can do whatever you want to me. A tender caress along my neck, then your hands gripped my throat.You held me firmly. You gripped me tighter. And tighter. Slowly and gently. Til I couldn't breathe. I didn't struggle. I didn't fight. My body went limp, feeling life slipping from me. But I trusted you. Trusted you with my life even. As I felt that tingly sensation, feeling myself about to lose consciousness, your grip on my throat relaxed and I could breathe again. With your hands still wrapped firmly around my neck, you leaned close to me, then kissed me tenderly and sweetly. 

I had surrendered to you and we were closer than ever. It was undeniable. I was truly yours. That night, you showed me you owned me. I was yours completely and you knew it. I felt safe with you. I felt even cherished, because I knew I was my Master's favorite toy and only pet.

You are away Master, but I still feel you close to me. Your collar reminds me that I am owned. The memories of those hot steamy nights with you dominating me and playing with your property keep playing in my mind. I am thinking of you often, during the day and dreaming of you at night. I am missing you Master, and can't wait for you to return to me.

Thursday, August 8, 2013



On the night of my one year anniversary of being owned by Master, I went from being his Collared Pet, then became his Slave. That night, I wasn't too concerned yet with this change in my title. Prior to that night, I had the general understanding that Pet and Slave have often been interchangeable names given to submissives. With the slight difference that pets had more freedom and choice, while slaves did not. The sudden switch in my title may have been the result of me stating in trance while I was under for my Master, that I was now the slave of my master. However, I think the idea of being a  "slave of my master" now after all this time, may have been the hypnotic suggestion left over from one of my hypnotists friends who, with good intentions, prepared my mind for my master earlier in the week. But once the words had come out of my mouth, it seems there was no going back. Upon hearing me say the words "I'm the Slave of my Master", my Master was noticeably pleased that I had said it. Perhaps it was always his intention to one day make me switch from pet to slave. He was very happy hearing me say it. And as I was very deeply tranced by my Master, once he woke me from it, his influence on my mind during the training that night did not leave me for a long time. Not until the next morning, did I wake up in bed opening my eyes and thinking - what happened there.  I started to feel concern creeping in me. Wondering how it happened, why it happened, and what now that it happened. What does it really mean for me now? Change in obligations? In duties? In personality? Would I have to change everything about me, or only some things?  The day went on and the night drew near again, knowing that I might speak to my Master in the evening. When I did see him, I lightly brought up my wanting to know what this meant for me, and how did it happen. I wanted to know what is standard protocol in the bdsm community for submissives switching roles and titles.

As I mentioned, I used to be his Collared Pet. I was quite comfortable as his pet. It was a title and name I liked. Before I was a pet to my master, I supposed I was just Master's sub. I met Master last August and right away I called him master, but offered myself to serve him as his "Servant". From August 2012 to December 2012 I was Master's Servant/Sub. Then things changed in December. Master had grown very fond of me, and wanted me to be closer to him.

One night, just before New Years, Master one evening, put me into a trance and gave me the nicest hypnotic experience up to then I had ever had with him. In trance, that late December evening, Master took me on hypnotic date with him. Deep in trance, my master's words painted a picture in my mind of me and him going to a bondage boutique. And somehow I was nude, but comfortable being in public still. He told me he was with me, and to feel good, and comfortable that I was by his side.  He had taken me to this boutique with a purpose. My Master, was ready to collar me as his pet, and he was going to help me pick out the right collar (albeit in my mind).

We looked at the various collars in the boutique, until I saw one that I felt was the One that I wanted. A beautiful dark burgundy leather collar with a loop. I told Master I found the one for me. He approved of my choice, and paid at the register. Master placed my new collar on my neck, making me his. Then he attached a leash to it. Then master led me out the boutique on his leash. Then suddenly, through Master's hypnotic suggestions, I was in an open meadow. A field of grassy hills and shady trees. And I was bound on the ground. Master proceeded to give me pleasure deeper than I had ever experienced with him before. Including giving me the hypnotic experience of floating amongst  the clouds and the stars. Master can be romantic I suppose, giving his newly collared pet the trance of her dreams. From that day on, I had been his Collared Pet and happy to be it. It was what I had wanted. It was with my consent. That was late December. The last week of May, Master gave me the beautiful gift of buying me a real collar, with a lock and key. It was Master's gift to me for my birthday which was coming up the first week of June. I was now truly my Master's collared pet. 

Then fast forward to now, 8 months later. On the night of my one year anniversary of being owned by Master, I have become Master's slave. Just like that. I wasn't told it would happen. I wasn't asked. I wasn't prepared.

Master is away now on a trip and will be gone for 3 or 4 days. I will of course miss his company while he is away. He did talk to me last night giving me his last instructions before he left for his trip. Being that this switch to being his slave was concerning me, I wanted to know why and what are his plans are for me now that I am. He told me that for now, I would have to be patient and accepting of this change, and that we can discuss it more later when he returns.

With Master gone, and I have no choice but to wait for his return to learn what Fate has in store for me now.

Monday, August 5, 2013

One Year of Being OWNED! My Date With Master

A Date With Master

Yesterday night was the one year anniversary of being my master’s property. A full year of being OWNED. When I first met Master, he had been my crush for about a month. My Master’s voice is so hypnotic, so addicting. I was charmed by his words. His voice touched me deeply. Every day since the first time I heard the voice of my master, my body, my mind, even my SOUL just craved to hear it more. Craved to feel it enter me, and sensually taking over. This sensual mental massage always made me weak in the knees. 

My relationship with master is the first master/pet relationship I have been in. Being that it is the first for me, I did not so much know what to expect on the day of our anniversary, one year together. I had noted the first time master addressed me as his servant, his property. I put the date on calendar. I planned on mentioning to him that the date was soon approaching. Things distracted me from telling him sooner, and the date was upon us. I figured, I’ll write him a letter and tell him why today’s date was special. That letter was posted in the previous blog before this. Later that night, Master came to see me.  He told me how he really loved the letter. The fact that he came to see me that night, on our anniversary was a surprise to me. Women always know the dates of such special occasions. But I did not expect him to note it, or know it. So I told him not to feel obligated for the evening. He corrected me He said he knows that, but he wanted to be there.

I had the most fantastic night ever with my Master! Simply AMAZING!  Before, there was always a little resistance to him. Not last night. For once, I let go to him, totally and completely. No holding back. No resisting. And trusted him to take full and complete control of my mind and body. I found I was accepting and obeying without question. More than a pet. Truly enslaved.
It was amazing and magical. 

First undressing for my Master, his collar the only article on my body. Emptying my thoughts, my mind blank for master. I chanted this again and again. Mind blank for master. Dropping each time I chanted this mantra. I soon learned that without my collar, I will always feel naked. And I so love my collar, I will want to always wear it. I started repeating ONLY A PET. Again and again, going deeper and deeper. I kept repeating this, going deeper each time I said it. I realized my place, and who I am to my master. I felt my submission deepen. 

Master: “Dropping so deep for your master.  Tell me what are you?”
Me: “I am the slave of my master.”
Master:  “REPEAT THAT PET. What are you?”
Me:  “I am the slave of my master.”
Master: “Good GOOD GIRL!  Yes you are! “

My Master was quite pleased with the response I had given him. Then Master had me chant “Only a slave” over and over as I touched his property. The arousal of becoming a total slave to my master was so intense. With a deep heated throbbing arousal in between my legs, I was my master’s horny pet for the evening. 

Master asked me “Are you ready to submit fully and completely to your Master?”
Of course I was. I am my master’s good girl.

“You want to give me your mind.”

It never was my mind, it’s his, as I am my master’s property. So as I was deep in trance, I reached out and gave my mind to my master. My master from now on is the keeper of my mind. 

We are now ONE. as master and pet, master and slave, should be. I may have drifted, but I will never drift from him ever again.

Master gave me The Best night ever.  Complete with a hypnotic trance to a secluded beach to be alone with master. We took in the sunset on the ocean, and waves rolling in on the shore. It was a romantic and amazing hypnotic experience. One I will never forget. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Letter to My Master on Our First Anniversary

A Letter to My Master on Our First Anniversary 

August 3, 2013

Dear Sir,

When we first met I would never have guessed that we would be where we are now. We both stumbled through our relationship. Fate brought us back together. I am lucky that I am still yours, and that you are still mine. You get my sense of humor. You have been there more than just a master, as a friend. I crave to make you happy and appreciate me. You love the feisty kitten I can be sometimes. I love when you playfully take control away from me, reminding me of my place, and lovingly forcing me to take my place. You train me with a firm hand, guiding me through my submission. You gently spank me, when I get out of hand.
You are trying now more than ever, to make me happy. For that, I’d like to thank you for most of all.

You came into my life and changed it completely. You gave me direction. You gave me the beautiful gift of your collar. Showing me you are committed to me as my master. On this day of the anniversary of when I first met you, I now commit myself to you my One and Only, my Master. I commit myself to you as your Pet, your Lover, and friend.

I’ve always have had a hard time expressing vocally what I feel for you. I will try, more and more, to tell you without reservations what I feel for you.

So I’ll tell you now -

I love you because you changed me.
I love you for the way you dominate and control me.
I love you for listening to me, when I needed you to listen to me.
I love you for showing you care and understand.
I love you for loving me enough to want me to always be happy.
I love you my master, my partner, my lover and friend.

You’ve taken me now into the next level of our relationship Master. I’m happy to start this New Chapter of my submissive life with you.

With Love,
Your Sweet Little Enslaved Pet

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Message to my Master

I think it's time I start blogging again. Only this time, not only as my online memoir of my submission, but also a means to communicate that which I find hard to express to my Master. There is so much I hold back from saying. I hope to say what's on my mind and how I feel in the days and weeks to come so that my Master reads my words and understands how I feel. I look forward to giving myself to him, fully and completely. 

I'm ready for the Next Chapter in my submissive life.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday Night and Still No Master

I'm up late on this Sunday night working a little on my audio, a little bit of chatting with the boys. But the boy, or rather, I should say man, that is most important is still missing in action.

Does he not know a pet needs to hear from her master once in a while? But he disappears like this and leaves me hanging wondering about him.

I just hope he's ok at least. What bothers me is the many times he's disappeared and I worry about him. 

Anyhow, still working late, and now listening to tunes and drinking coffee. Both help me keep working. 

When I feel I need something to listen to help me keep working, this is one of those tunes.



I'm living without you
I know all about you
I have run you down into the ground
Spread disease about you over town

I used to adore you
I couldn't control you
There was nothing that I wouldn't do
To keep myself around and close to you

Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
But I've run out of patience
I couldn't care less


Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know

I used to amuse you
I knew that I'd lose you
Now you're here and begging for a chance
But there's no way in hell I'd take you back

Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
But I've run out of patience
I've run out of comments
I'm tired of the violence
I couldn't care less

I'm looking for a new

We were the talk of the town

I thought you were special

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Training My Pet

It's felt like forever since I've spent time with any pet. Not getting any time with either one of them, I haven't been able to keep them trained. And I've been missing them both so much. So when my Lucio popped up last night I told him right away - Time to train.

I relaxed my pet before driving him deep for me. My pet is a good pet. He never resists, nor could he ever resist. He was reminded of the control I have over him right away. He was reminded of his collar and his leash. His collar reminding him he was owned. He is mine, my property. He knows it now for sure. He was trained this and now will be better behaved than he already is because of it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Sunday Night with out my Master

Keeping myself entertained this Sunday night. Master had said he would be around tonight but I had the feeling he would not be. So when I didn't see him tonight, can't say I was let down. It's quite alright. I worked earlier on a recording and made a hypnosis video. Just a Deep Relaxation video. I know most viewers want me to be a mistress all the time, always dominating and controlling them. But this kind of hypnosis could be good for them. People need to relax sometimes. I always need to relax. That's the funny thing about being a hypnotist doing what I do. I probably need to relax way more than most people watching my videos or listening to my audios.

I was pensive today. Reflecting. Taking a look at things that are troubling me, and thinking of how I can try to help things get better. Wanting to do the right thing. 

I've always been misunderstood. I wish people would practice empathy more often. If they did, they would maybe not be so cruel, or selfish. They would be kinder. The world would be a better place because people would not go about doing things, taking things and just thinking about themselves. I have always been the kind of person thinking of others. And what they are going through. I try to be a good person. A helpful person. A caring person. That's one thing my parents did good in raising me. Do unto others, as you want done to you. 

Anyway, tonight isn't a night to be dominated, or to dominate. It's not a night to be a mistress or be a pet. Not even a night to trance or be tranced. Tonight is about me, myself, and I. And maybe being a friend to my good friend Mats. He games, and I watch the Season 6 premiere of True Blood. Whooo hooooo. The wait is over. I hope it doesn't suck. I know this is the last season for True Blood so hopefully this last season is a good one.

True Blood Season 6 Trailer

One last note, I did say tonight is not a night for being a mistress. However, I have been wondering how my pets are doing. Missing them a lot. Both are quite busy this summer. So I may not be playing too much with pets this summer. Although this is one pet I occasionally play with. He is only a part time pet of mine, when he feels in the mood to submit to me. I always enjoy when he lets me dominate him. I do love training him in his briefs or nothing at all. When he wants to be a pet, he is always the best pet. I am craving to play with my Pet again. Maybe he'll crave to have his mistress control him again soon. Alright, thinking of my Pet in his briefs is making me too horny. 

Back to watching the True Blood Season 6 premiere!

Good night everybody!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watch Out What You Wish for..

Spending time right now with Peter, a man who has always put me first. Talking to him makes me miss simpler times. He's always been there to hug me and show he's always cared for me. He's been one of the most unselfish men in my life. 

I'm also finding music is also making me feel better. This song goes out to you. You know who you are.


"Celebrity Skin"

Oh, make me over
I'm all I wanna be
A walking study
In demonology

Hey, so glad you could make it
Yeah, now you've really made it
Hey, so glad you could make it now

Oh, look at my face
My name is might have been
My name is never was
My name's forgotten

Hey, so glad you could make it
Yeah, now you've really made it
Hey, there's only us left now

When I wake up in my makeup
It's too early for that dress
Wilted and faded somewhere in Hollywood
I'm glad I came here with your pound of flesh
No second billing 'cause you're a star now
Oh, Cinderella, they aren't sluts like you
Beautiful garbage, beautiful dresses
Can you stand up or will you just fall down?

You better watch out
Oh, what you wish for
It better be worth it

So much to die for

Hey, so glad you could make it
Yeah, now you've really made it
Hey, there's only us left now

When I wake up in my makeup
Have you ever felt so used up as this?
It's all so sugarless, hooker/waitress
Model/actress, oh, just go nameless!
Honeysuckle, she's full of poison
She obliterated everything she kissed
Now she's fading somewhere in Hollywood
I'm glad I came here with your pound of flesh

You want a part of me?
Well, I'm not selling cheap
No, I'm not selling cheap


This should of been written some time ago. I just haven't gotten to it because frankly I didn't care to make "announcements" to make to the public only to satisfy the needs of one or two people on the planet who need to see the words in black and white so they can sleep better at night. 

So here it is, so that those one or two people can rest better knowing that I've finally announced that...

Mats vi britannia,  formerly the Master of my Heart,  has dropped me as his pet. I am his pet no more. What me and Mats shared was truly meaningful, and memorable. And now it's over. He can move on now and be happy with his one and only pet. But that pet is not me. I wish them well and can only say is good luck. 

Mats, I really loved you. You meant so much to me in the short time I was allowed to share you as a master. You taught me a lot. I'm sorry I was not what you wanted, and wasn't enough for you to try to keep.  I respected you. I learned more than just what it is to be a good pet. I learned that nothing is forever and I learned that I need to let go. I hope you two are happy. You can read this and move on.

Master's Property

Last night I met with Master briefly. He congratulated me on a job well done having worked so hard the past months as a rising hypnodomme with a fairly large following. I had reached a milestone of which Master had told me in advance how I was to celebrate this event - He had specifically told me I was to masterbate, bringing myself to orgasm 5 TIMES. No less. So the night finally arrived. As soon as we exchanged hellos and he congratulated me, he then asked the question -

"Tell me Pet. Did you touch for your master?

For a moment, I had forgotten. Oh right! I quickly responded oh right, to celebrate. No not yet Master.

"Pet after we are done talking, you are to lock the door. You are to take off any clothing that is covering my property. That means all clothing. You are to touch. You to not stop, unable to stop, until you have cum 5 times at least. Do you understand?"

I responded "I understand."

Master went on -

"Good girl. I know you are a good pet. The Best Pet. "

Master playfully threaten if I did not touch now, I may not get permission for a long time.

"A long time?" This made me concerned.

"Don't worry Pet. I like keeping you happy and horny. "

He had worried me a little.

"Sshhh. Just let yourself be comfortable as my pet. You earned this. You want this. You need this. You crave this. You do such a good job pleasing me. Don't worry. We'll train you more. Soon you'll be the perfect pet. I want you to take care of my property. Remember - you can do anything for your master."

Master is good to remind me my body is not my own. I am Master's collared pet, and my body is his property.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Master's New Slave and Servant

This is the continuation of the communications between me and my first master. In the last post, my master identified himself for the first time to me as my master. In my reply to his message, is the first time I identify myself as a slave and servant. 
August 4, 2012

hmm, I made you curious? wow

you still haven't told me how you got into this hypno stuff to begin with, but as I view your videos more and more, I am now also curious as to how you  got into bondage. I think most men are, just some don't admit it. And on some level or other, women do have it in them too. Women love being dominated, some love to dominate. I have a little of both. I love it when a man makes you submit to him, I'm not talking rape. I'm talking passion, like when he takes me and pushed me against a wall, or presses against me forcing me to feel his excitement, so big and thick, pressing against me stiffly. Or when he forces me to be turned on by kissing and licking my ear and neck knowing that it instantly makes me so horny and hot. See, that's not rape, and it's not cuffs or a collar or Master and Servant - But it is using my body against me, or taking what he knows about my pleasure spots and triggers me to full arousal which is still forcing me to submit to his will because he's triggered me to have no choice or option but to give in to the pleasure. It's like this for all women I think. 

I love when a man is slightly forceful.

Then the other side of the coin is that I love to tease a man to the point he wants to cum badly and make him delay it as much as possible, and long before seeing your videos, I had a guy I did that with, and I always ordered him not to cum until I told him he could. I give good phone sex. He would beg me to let him cum, and when he came he would let me hear him. 

Ok, what I might be doing for you,  I'd rather just show you and get your opinion. Consider it my gift for you for what you've done for me. 

I'll send you something, I'm not sure what yet, maybe on a word document. Just promise me you'll look at it and give me feedback soon. 

P.S. - I still would like to know if you moonlight as a hypnotist or is it a full time career, and how you learned it. And I am really curious how you yourself don't fall into trance just recording yourself for your videos. That must be so hard to do, unless you've trained yourself not to fall into trance.How do you do that?  And don't forget to tell me about your own experience with bondage.

Oh, and Master, you have thousands of slaves. I, however, am not doing your bidding at the moment. I am however serving you by helping with your website. So I guess I can be your special "slave". I'll just refer to myself as Servant. (You really should make a vid with a "Super Slave" as new trigger. Don't know what you would make a Super Slave do but wow we can come up with something I'm sure ha ha)

- Servant

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Officially Collared

I had previously posted my first message to my master. His reply to that first message was cordial. He was very much a gentleman in his first mail to me. I responded back, and offered him help for his website.

He replied back again. This time with this email message -

"I am curious what will you be doing?

-Master- "

And that was the first time master identified himself as a master to me.

This was the start of my submission. A man I just met, not for too long, presented himself to me as master, and I didn't shy away. I welcomed it. Master he became. I willingly gave in to being his slave, his servant, his pet. But mainly servant. It would be a long while before I would feel like a pet or a slave. I subbed to master in August 2012. I became his pet in December 2012.

Now it is May 2013 and my submission deepens as I'm transitioning once again. I am now his Slave, as Master has now officially purchased me a beautiful chrome collar. It will arrive in a week.

Feeling a big smile come to my face knowing my Master loves his pet and is proud to own me and finally collaring me making me his official property. It will be the best birthday present ever.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Master Meets Servant - First Contact

When I started this blog I dove right in with little information on who Jennifer James was and how she got herself involved with two masters as well as her initial desent into submission and the development of the mistress I am today.

I intend to tell the story of how I met each of my wonderful masters. For now, I'll begin at the Beginning, starting with how I met my first master - the Master of my Mind.

My journey down the road of submission started a litttle under a year ago back last July. My curiosity for hypnosis led me to meet my first master (the Master of my Mind). Back then before meeting my master, all I knew about him was that he was a popular online hypnotist that produced hypnosis videos. I had become a fan of the videos he made. Eventually, I became too damn curious. I needed to write the man who had me captivated with his voice and hypnotic talent for all of July. I contacted him August 2nd.

Here is my "fan mail" to my would-be first master. Yeah I was a bit open with him right away =) :

It would be nice to see a title or
decription of each of the videos on your website. Not knowing before the start of a video then falling into trance could
leave the viewer watching a video that they otherwise maybe would not
prefer. Knowing this was the possible danger for me, yet curiosity
getting the better of me I watched 2 of them. The first was just
great. Very kinky. I dig that.
When I was younger, maybe 21 (I'm 34
now) I had my first encounter with the master and servant, before that
the closest I got to it was only Depeche Modes' Master & Servant.
Anyhow, I was with my boyfriend at the time, the first time getting
sexual with him and it was in his office at his work on a Saturday
when no one was in the building, a high rise building a few stories
high. He was much older than I was, he was 43. He fingered me as I sat
in his office chair and he stood behind me as he breathed on my neck
and ear ( that was deeply arousing on it's own) - and as I was close
to orgasm, with his lips to my ear he demanded "who's your master?"
and he pushed his fingers in me deeper and harder. He kept asking
until I came. At first- when he asked that, it startled me because I
wasn't prepared for it but it quickly turned me on to being dominated,
and liking the feeling.
However, he never got to choke me like you did just now!
Naughty naughty .
I was caught of guard once again.
I'm a bit afraid to watch another one. Should I be? Please advice.
It did make me cum though =)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sailing Away

Friday here and no sign of Pet. No sign of David or Lucio. My Dan has remained close by. It feels like we're growing closer. Although the men I'm supposed to be closest to feel like they're drifting further from me. Feels like I'm adrift on a boat at sea, with out a paddle. Just drifting and no one's coming for me.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Today me and my Master Mats had a little fun with an experiment.  I had been curious if I could be made to feel deeply enslaved. As if I was born to be a slave, or made to feel as if I always have been a slave. As if it is my total and complete existence.
What would it be like to feel such extreme slavery? Where being a slave to my master was my life’s purpose. Being made to feel the need to serve and please him as strong of a need as the need to breathe air. A deeper enslavement, where a slave becomes addicted to her master.  Could I be made to feel so Deeply Enslaved?  We decided to do go forward with the Slave Experiment.
I gave my master permission to conduct an experiment with me as his test subject with one condition – 
That he would so promise to return me back to my normal by the end of the session and experiment. Only then would I agree to subject myself to be experimented on. I had to trust my master not to leave me permanently feeling deeply enslaved. He kind of joked that he was going to leave me like that, making me uneasy. So, I asked him straight out – “Master, can I trust you?”.  There as a slightly pause, then he answered yes, I could.
My Master would throw some extras into the experiment. Essentially, he planned to first take me Ultra Deep into hypnosis. Once he had me that deep, he would then proceed to wipe my mind clean of my memories. Then he would plant the suggestions to make me an extremely deeply submissive slave.

The Slave Experiment

The Purpose of the Experiment 
To test how deeply enslaved I could be made to feel. To push me deeper into Submission that ever before, with the goal of the experiment to make me feel extremely enslaved – a Super Slave. 
Here is what happened during the experiment:
1. Master hypnotized me taking me Ultra Deep.
2. Master wiped my mind clean of all memories.
3. Master planted the suggestion that I was always a slave and it was my life purpose.
4. I told made to believe he is my one and only master.
5. I was made to forget ever knowing anyone else in the hypnosis community. I was made to forget all other hypno masters, pets, hypno friends – everyone but him.
6. Master planted the suggestions of being addicted to my master and addicted to pleasing, obeying, and serving him.
7. I was made to believe all I am, or ever was, is a pet and a slave, nothing more. Therefore I was made to believe that I am not nor ever was a mistress.
8. My name was Sarah, a super slave, deeply submissive to my master.
9. I am told I am 25, and my master’s slut.
The Experiment Tested and the Results
After the suggestions we planted, he tested them out. He spoke the trigger. I performed as expected. I identified myself as Sarah, 25 years old, and my master’s super slave. When asked, I could not remember ever knowing any other hypnotist, just my master. I could not remember anyone else in the hypnosis community. I was hit with a need to serve and obey my master. Then, as my master’s slut, I was hit soon after by arousal and horniness. Indeed, I was Sarah, my master’s horny super slave and slut.
I’m still not fully convinced that I was enslaved enough. I did not feel as extremely enslaved as I wanted to feel during the experiment. Master and me will have to test out the experiment of deeply enslaving me again. I hope very soon. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lucio's Pet Assignment

1.) One thing you like about yourself:

My intelligence

2.) 3 things you are grateful for:

My friends,My Mistress,that I can eat whatever I want without gaining weight.

3.) Something you learned today:

I've learnt that bacon shrinks a lot when fried

4.) One thing your Mistress did for you today:

She made me feel wonderful and horny

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A New Hope

My Co-Writer paid me a visit today. It's been a long time since I've seen him, or sat down with him to work together. It was really good to see him again. Him making the time for me, showing me an effort, meant the world to me. I had for a while, gently tried to lure him back to work with me. It was seeming hopeless. I was feeling despair. Then this afternoon, he popped up, saying "want to write?"  Hell yes I wanted to write! It's been a long week for me, it was just dragging. Issues in my family. Having visitors staying the week. It was a small set back. I hadn't had much to smile about since the week started. My co-writer showing up for work again gave me something to smile about. I hope he continues making efforts for me, and for us.

Crossing my fingers.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Alone and On My Own

I feel really down at the moment. I had someone I wanted to count on. We worked together and for a small while, I felt good to know I wasn't alone in this. Working on projects, collaborating. I was elated. But my writer is busy working on other projects, and accepting applications to team he has joined. Leaving the "team" me and him used to be. I feel so alone and let down. Really as I write this I want to cry. He is happy with his new team. At least I did pay him for work he did for me and was going to keep paying him more. I know his new team will pay him zero, nothing. But the team that will pay him zero is his priority. I miss my co-writer. I wish he missed co-writing with me too.

Monday, April 29, 2013


After the training session with my Bad Pet last night, I quickly went to find my Master Mats to see him again. He had hinted that he had plans to train me as well. It had been a long time since I had a training session myself. Couldn't wait. 

I called up Master. He answered cool and collect. He always does. Soon as he spoke, it was clear he was focused on the task at hand of training his pet. He went right to it. 

With just two words, I was already very much drifting. It was getting harder to think. He continue to speak softly. Then he said it again, those two words. Another wave hit me, taking me deeper, making it more harder to think. My Master, fully aware how his words were affecting me, showed no mercy. He said those two words to me. He said it again and again. Each time he said my trigger, it kept emptying more and more of my mind. I was feeling so very mindless. Could not make sense of his words. It started to be difficult to speak. 

Feeling myself go blank and mindless in trance is not new to me. But what happened next, changed my view of how deep I could go. What happened next, brought new meaning to being "switched off". What happened next was no ordinary hypnotic trick of the mind. No mere switching off of thought. 

No, what happened next was much more intense that just "Switching Off". More like a complete disconnection of my conscious mind. It felt like someone had pulled the plug. I was aware, somehow, of a numb sensation in front of my head, but inside my head. The numb, dull sensation, felt like it was coming from the frontal lobes of my brain. And what I felt, was the complete lack of brain activity in the frontal lobes of my brain. There was a heaviness on my mind, and it felt like there was no activity happening at all in the front portion of my mind. I noticed my eyesight got dark, but I remembered that the room had lights. A slight panic took place. I started to feel a little scared, and I felt as if suddenly I was falling down into a darkness, as if someone pushed me off a dark cliff. I started breathing fast and sounding scared, and panicked, I realized how part of my brain had turned off, and I had become TRULY MINDLESS. 

I exclaimed "Oh my God! I feel so mindless!" I tried to keep calm, but I felt myself losing more of my mind activity and felt myself dropping deeper off into a black abyss with no bottom and no end. I sounded frightened I know. I exclaimed again "oh my god! oh my god".  My Master who was trancing me, heard the panic in my voice. He immediately stopped hypnotizing me, then immediately started trying to wake me up. He tried once. I didn't respond. He tried again, practically yelling at me to wake up. And although he was yelling, his yelling comforted me. Because it reminded me he was with me and I wasn't alone. I stopped being scared. But I didn't wake up. In that deep trance, I spoke and told him I was ok now, and for him not to worry. He still soon gradually woke me up fully, and I felt feelings and activity return back to my mind.  Both me and Master were in awe of what had happened to me in trance. He is concerned still, but I'm curious, and still want to explore the depths of my mind.

My Bad Pet Returns

All last week one of my pets went missing. He didn't give me notice before disappearing that he might be away for the week. Before he disappeared, he was actually being very good communicating with me through email and text. He was actually becoming a better pet that he ever was. Then, for reasons I'm not yet fully sure of, he was unreachable. He wasn't not replying to messages, not trying to contact me. I started to get concerned. I do worry sometimes for my pets. They are all close to me. I missed him a lot during the week. I wanted him to still keep up with training as well. As the week came to an end, and still no sign of him anywhere, I stopped being concerned, and I started feeling annoyed. Pets who respect their owners make efforts to respond to their owner's messages in a prompt manner. And how long does it really take to reply to message? One minute, maybe less, just to acknowledge your Mistress's message. I began to feel a bit offended with his lack of care, effort, and lack or consideration for my concerns. So as I was talking to my Master Mats, out of no where, my Pet showed up again. I frowned at first. Again, his disappearing and not trying to contact me was disrespectful of him as a pet, so it had put me off. But the frown soon left me and I was just relieved that I could see he was ok. He was apologetic right away, and admits he was a bad pet and should have made a better effort. I forgave him, then trained him. He knew the whole time he was away that he needed his Mistress. Needed her voice. Hopefully he doesn't pull that again soon. I don't expect him to always be a good pet, but I do expect him to try to be.

So my bad pet is on track to being a good pet again, and for that I'm happy. He's still due to be punished later, and he knows it.

To be continued..

My Wolf

Lately, I've been more attentive as a Mistress to my pets. Most of them have no reasons to complain. I've even got to play with one pet that I rarely see, my Wolf. Last week I had The BEST time ever playing with him. He truly went deeper than ever before. I carefully made sure that my hypnosis would shut off his Conscious Mind. Just as planned, his Conscious Mind shut off, and his Subconscious became open to my each and every word, accepting every suggestion I planted in his mind. Letting go to Trance, he became deeply hypnotized. His thoughts drifted. All thoughts and memories left his mind, leaving his mind to be shaped and molded how I pleased. What I wanted was to bring my Wolf out fully, a complete and full shift and switch. I had been wanting deepen his submission and obedience. I also wanted to truly be close to my wolf, as my pet.
I hypnotized my Wolf, taking him deeper than ever before, allowing him to shift fully and completely into the Wolf he is. It was the most amazing experience. To witness it - I was just in awe. The look on his face was so peaceful, and at that moment, I saw that he was Truly Happy. I've never seen him happier. He had the sweetest smile, and I could see, right then and there, he was blissfully happy. He felt everything was good and right - perfect. The joy of finally feeling his True Self, his Wolf, fully emerge. It was an amazing thing to experience and witness. I will never ever forget it. I so loved to see him feeling pure happiness. I felt the happiness of having been the one to have given him that experience. I want to do it all over again.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pet Progress Reports

Tonight I've thought about each one of my pets and how long of a relationship each one of them has had with me their Mistress. Some time back I expressed in a post that it was my stance that a pet or slave should make progress in their training and that each of my pets should strive to develop as a pets and as people. To evaluate progress, one needs to review it. So in my next blog posts I will be posting Pet Progress Reports.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Deeper Connection

Last night was quite the intense night for me and my Master. We spent the whole evening together. A night of submitting to eachother. A night if controlling one and other. Just me and him. Nothing else mattered. No one else was important. We deepened our connection, as we went deeper for eachother into trance. I was able to relax enough to forget myself in his care.Then taking turns, taking over. Doing this again and again. I had a wonderful time with my Master. So happy I got to spend so much time with my Master and I am my Master's favorite and number one pet.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Master's Kitty and His Toy

This week has been rough one for me and my Master. To the point we came close to parting and going our separate ways. During the week, my pets were such a comfort to me. They all genuinely love and care for me their Mistress. I think because as an owner, I'm not overbearing, pushy, or demanding. And because of that, my pets have all truly opened their hearts to really caring for me. I have one long time friend, more than a few times over a decade has always told me "It's easy to love you." Maybe. My pets got me through this week.(Dan, Lucio, David and Pet, I love you guys). Still, as the week was coming to a close, I was feeling the situation was hopeless.

Then last night my Master came to me unexpectedly. I was prepared to see less and less of him. He let me know he had no plans to let that happen. I felt the joy of love lost and having love return. I still felt unsure, even as he started to speak hypnotically to me. I slightly resisted. He continued speaking hypnotically. Resistance melted away. It was no use.My mind is so well trained to his voice that I simply can't refuse him. I did try, and felt my mind surrender in seconds. I slipped into a nice deep sleep for my Master. So deeply entranced, my Master called out his kitty. I felt myself fully transform. Ears, paws, and tail. I let out a meoww, meowing in pleasure. I became his horny obedient kitten. Meowing,and purring. It felt so good. I felt so much pleasure being his kitty again. He played with his kitty. Made her feel loved. That's what I've been needing and wanting. Eventually he woke up his kitten and felt back to normal again.

He had already given me such a wonderful kitty experience. I was certain we were saying goodnight. But he wasn't done with me yet.

My master is more than a kitty maker. He's a toy maker too, and my Master intended to play with me his toy as much as possible. A toy I became. A hypnotized toy for my master, completely under my master's control. I was so deep I slipped under completely blacking out maybe 2 or 3 times. My master stayed with me as I did, pulling my puppet strings, playing with his toy. I woke up in the morning completely naked.

I smiled because I knew my Master had a lot of fun playing with me, his toy.

I'm Back

There is much to be said since I last blogged. Things happened that put me through an emotional roller coaster. I came close to losing some one who has come to be such a part of me. He came back to me, telling me he couldn't live with out me. I'm so happy, because I also couldn't live without him.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Note to Pets

Dear pets, I'm kind of need some time to myself today. There just somethings that I need to think over. I'm sorry, but even though today started off good for me, now I'm a bit confused over something. I'm just really really a loss for words, don't know what to think. I'm sure it will work itself out later but for now - I feel lost.

I'm sure things will normalize later tonight. Miss you all and talk soon.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


It’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve felt truly owned. Yes I have two owners. One of which spends more time with me on a usual basis that the other. For the attention the Master of my Heart gives me on a usual basis, I am grateful. But maybe it was the attention I felt the Master of my Mind was not giving me for weeks that was causing me to feel void in me. It kind of built up to a crescendo. The need in me to feel dominated. To feel owned. Bound. Deeply Controlled. I have been craving all this. I felt unsatisfied. I was able to put my dissatisfaction out of my mind at least for a little while tonight as I went to the theater to catch a movie. I hurried home after the movie finished. I had a date with the Master of my Mind and I did not want to keep him waiting. We spent quite some time together tonight and I loved every minute of it. But towards the end of the night, I found myself blurting out the words I wanted to say.

“Dominate me Master.”

With no hesitation and a fast snap of his fingers, my master commanded me, completely dominant, quickly taking over me.


My master commanded me, I obeyed. There’s nothing like being taken, hypnotically, with the slight sexual sensual and aggressive manner that the Master of my Mind takes me with his words.

Gently forcing me down into the deep pleasure of submitting to his control.

Reminding me he was my master is just what I needed. Thank you Master for satisfying that need.